1.1 Introduction to Manual
This QUALITY MANUAL describes the Quality Management System employed
by  the Company.  Its contents have been  reviewed and  indicate compliance of  this  system
with  the  requirements  of  International  Quality  Assurance  System.  It  is  supported  by
Manuals and Operating procedures which define in detail how each element of the Quality
Assurance System is applied.
1.2 Manual Administration
There  are  two  forms  of  this manual:  Controlled  and Uncontrolled,  Controlled  copies  are
numbered and  issued  in accordance with Quality Manual Distribution List. Changes  to  the
Quality Manual are made by the Quality Engineer.
The  Controlled Manual  is  maintained  at  the  latest  issue  level  by  the  Quality  Engineer.
Obsolete copies are promptly removed from the signatories of the Distribution List.
Uncontrolled copies are up to date at the time of issue and not updated thereafter. They are
issued under  the authorization of  the  signatories of  the Distribution List of  the Controlled
Copies. No record need to be maintained of their issue and / or distribution.