Work  Instructions, usually  in  the  form of drawings, are  issued  to  those areas which affect
the quality of  the manufactured product. Criteria  for workmanship are  stipulated  in written
form  or  by  Representative  samples. Manufacturing  process  ‘which  is  important’  form  the
point of view of the Quality are qualified and controlled throughout their execution.

Work  instructions  for  installation are  issued  in  the  form of drawings.   Work completed  is
subject  to  Installation  check and  suitable  report  is maintained  for project  records and  / or
submission to the Customer for his verification and approval.
Work  instructions and  / or criteria  for  testing and commissioning are based on applicable
regulatory  requirements or on  testing procedures, which are prepared and approved by  the
Customer for particular equipment  in accordance with Customer requirements.

Equipment  Instruction Manuals  serve as Work  Instructions  for Maintenance and  servicing
works wherever  applicable. The  equipment which was maintained  or  serviced  is  suitably
marked by placing tag / label indicating date and person who performed the work.

In all cases reports are made and maintained for project records and  / or submission  to  the
Customer for his verification and / or approval.