3.6.1    Evaluation of Subcontractors
An  Approved  Subcontractors  List  and  Approved  Vendors  List  are  maintained  by  The
Quality Engineer. To obtain “Approved” status, the subcontractor or Vendor must:

1.  Be approved by recognized body to an appropriate standard.
2.  Be appraised by WA Pecktel Engineering
3.  Have satisfactory history of previous supplies to; WA Pecktel Engineering

3.6.2  Purchasing Data

Purchase  Orders  contain  clarified,  unambiguous  information  and  are  accompanied  by
drawings,  specification,  etc.  as  required.  Purchase  Orders  are  prepared  by  Specialist
Engineers and reviewed and authorized by the Project Manager.

Amendments to Purchase Orders are prepared and authorized in the same way.

3.6.3 Verification of Purchased Product
When specified by Customer Requirements or by WA  Pecktel  Engineering  requirements,  the  inspections  at  Vendor’s  premises  are specified  in  the  Purchase  Order.  WA  Pecktel  Engineering  makes  the  necessary
arrangements  and  liaison  between  the Customer  and Vendor  to  permit  the Customer
Representative  to  verify  that  the  purchased  product  conforms with  the  specified

An order placed with  the subcontractor may not be  further subcontracted  in  full or  in part
without the written permission of WA Pecktel.