3.4.1 Design and Engineering Input

The requirements for the design and engineering, whether internally generated or customer
defined,  are  reviewed  for  adequacy.  Any  problems  with  these  requirements  shall  be
resolved  with  the  originator  of  the  requirements  prior  to  commencement  of  the  design
engineering  process. All  appropriate  statutory  or  regulatory  requirements  are  identified  at this stage. Where  the  requirement  is  originated  by  the  customer,  the  design  and  Engineering  Input review form an integral part of the Contract Review.

3.4.2  Design and Engineering Output
As the design and engineering progresses the design output is produced. This usually takes
form Technical Proposal, consisting of drawings, schedule, equipment catalogs and data
sheets, etc. final review and release of Technical Proposal is made by Project Manager.

3.4.3  Design and Engineering Review

At  appropriate  stages  of  the  design  and  engineering  process  the  design  reviews  are  held
between the engineers responsible for different parts of the project. They critically appraise
progress and re-evaluate the design plan.

The  design  review  meeting  is  minute,  the  minutes  are  signed  by  Project Manager  and
distributed to all present at the meetings.

3.4.4  Design and Engineering Changes

If  following  the comments received from  the customer,  it becomes necessary  to modify  or
amend the documentation:  this  generates, controlled and released  in  the same manner as
for the original design output documentation.