3.2.1 Quality System Procedures

The  Company  Quality  system  is  documented  in  three  tiers  and  considers  each  of  the
requirements specified by ISO 9001-1994.

The three tiers are comprised of the following:
  Quality Manual

The Quality Manual describes  the policy practiced by WA Pecktel Engineering  to satisfy
the requirements of ISO 9001 – 1994 and allocates the responsibilities within the Company.
It  is  supported  by  Operating  Procedures  and  Work  Instruction  /  Quality  plans  where

The functions of Quality Manual are:

1.  To define Management Policy with respect to Quality Assurance.
2.  To ensure uniformity of understanding or performance
3.  A training document to ensure continuity of the system when personnel change.
4.  To provide a reference base against which the current procedures and practices
can be audited and corrective action taken.

  Operating Procedures

These  describe  the  procedures  which  are  implemented  to  fulfill  the  requirements  of  the
Quality Manual  and  allocate  the  responsibilities  within  the  Quality  System.  The  list  of
Operating Procedures is shown in Annexure I of this manual.

  Work Instruction / Quality Plans

Work instructions are  issued where  the lack of clear instruction would adversely affect  the
quality. Work instructions may include drawings, installation manuals, specifications or any
other methods clearly defining the requirements.

Quality  plans  are  prepared  when  required  and  provide  details  of  the  controls,  methods
responsibilities and interfaces for specific contracts. All quality plans are authorized by The
Quality Engineer.

3.2.2 Quality Planning

The Quality Planning  shall define and document how  the  requirements  for quality will be
This may be achieved by one or more of the following:

1.  Preparation of quality plans.
2.  Identification and acquisition of skills, equipment or production resources.
3.  Ensuring the compatibility of design and engineering details.
4.  Identification of new calculation / test equipment requirements.
5.  Identification and preparation of quality records.