3.17.1  Audit program

The quality  system  is audited on planned basis  such  that each  function  is audited at  least
once  per  year.  The  frequencies  of  the  audits  are  scheduled  on  the  basis  of  the  status  and
importance to the activity.

Unplanned  audits  may  be  carried  out  in  cases  of  significant  variation  form  the  Quality
System requirement as necessary.

The  audits  are  made  to  ensure  that  the  personnel  entrusted  with  Quality  System
administration carry out appropriately the tasks they have been assigned.

3.17.2     Conduct of Audits

Audits and  follow up are carried out by  trained personnel  in  accordance to  the  Internal
Audit Procedure.  Corrective actions are defined and followed up in accordance
with the Internal Quality Audit Procedure.

3.17.3     Audit Results

The results of the audit are documented by a report issued by the auditing  team leader and
approved by the Quality Engineer.

Further,  the  results  are  brought  to  the  attention  of  the  personnel  responsible  for  the  area
The responsible management personnel take timely corrective action on any deficiencies found
by the audit.

Clearing of a deficiency is reported by the Specialist Engineer to The Quality Engineer
for review and confirmation.