3.16.1      Subject of the records

The  documentation  defining  the  quality  requirements  of  the  products  (  drawings,
instruction, procedures,  specifications)  as well  as  the documents that  record  and  certify
the  quality  obtained  inspection  /  test  reports,  non  conformance  reports,  qualifications
certificates, audit  reports) are  filed  to  retain evidence of  the Quality System achievement.
The same applies to the equivalent documents of the suppliers.

3.16.2     Records Control
Records  to  provide  documentary  evidence  of  the  effective  operation  of  the  quality
management system are stored and maintained under control of The Quality Engineer and
stored  for  a Minimum  of  3  years  unless  longer  retention  time  is  specified  in  a  particular
Pertinent Subcontractor or Vendor quality records shall be part of the
WA Pecktel Engineering records. The records generated by the system are references in
the relate procedure and detailed in quality Records Procedure.

3.16.3    Provision of Records to Customers
Contract related quality records are made available to customers in accordance to contract
requirements.  Confidential  information  may  not  be  disclosed  to  a  third  party  without
express written permission of WA Pecktel Engineering.

3.16.4    Filing and Retention of Records

Maintenance of  records  is  such  that  they are easily  retrievable,  secure and protected  from
damage. Records held beyond the required retention period may be disposed of.