3.14.1   Investigations of Non-conformance

Each and every case of non conformance is investigated for the cause of non-conformance
and  corrective  or  preventive  action  is taken to  prevent  recurrence.  Results  are  reviewed  and
documentation is maintained by The Quality Engineer.

3.14.2     Analysis of Non-Conformance

Instances  of  non-conformance,  customer  complaints,  warranty  claims,  reported  service
problems and selected records are analyzed to eliminate potential causes of non conforming
products  or  services.  Results  are  reviewed  and  documentation maintained  by  The Quality

3.14.3   Implementation of corrective and preventive actions

The Quality  Engineer  is  responsible  for  initiating  the  corrective  and  preventive  action  in
respect to:

1.  Non compliance arising from internal audits and 3rd
party visits.
2.  Identified by customers.

3.14.4  Follow-Up Evaluation

Corrective and preventive actions defined are followed up by  the Quality Engineer so  that
their  effectiveness  can  be  assessed  and  controlled. The effectiveness of actions  is analyzed by  the Quality Engineer and  reported in the Quality System review meetings.

Changes in procedures, documentation, etc. resulting from corrective and preventive action
are implemented and recorded.