3.13.1   Non-Conformance
Non-conforming  products  are  controlled  to  prevent  inadvertent  use  or  further  processing.
The controls make provisions for:

1.  Identification
2.  Documentation
3.  Evaluation
4.  Disposition and Notification
3.13.2   Customer Complaint

Non-conformance identified by the customer is reviewed and dispositions are made by The
Quality  Engineer  after  consultation  with  Specialist  Engineer  to  rectify  the  present  non
conformance and to prevent the recurrence of the same.

3.13.3    Action and Disposition

The Project Manager reviews instances of non conformance and decides on the action to be
1.  Re-grade for alternative applications
2.  Rectify the non-conformance by re-working
3.  Scrap or reject the concerned product
4.  Request a concession of the Customer to use as is
When concession  is reported  to  the customer, the description of non conformance or repair
completed is recorded to denote actual condition of the product.

3.13.4     Re-Worked Items

All  re-worked  items  are  re-inspected  and  tested  in  accordance  with  the  specified