Measuring and test equipment by WA Pecktel Engineering used for Tests, Inspection and
Quality  Control  activities  are  registered,  identified  by means  of  suitable  stickers,  etc,  and
controlled.  The  equipment  is  calibrated  and  checked  at  specified  intervals  in  accordance
with  Regulatory  requirements  and  /  or  equipment manuals  to  ensure  that measurements
uncertainty is known and is consistent with the required measurement capability.

When  test  equipment  is  used  on  loan  basis  or  provided  by  the  customer,  its  calibration
records / certificates are reviewed for suitability prior to use.

Each item of measuring and test equipment is permanently marked with an individual serial
number  and,  where  practicable,  labeled  to  indicate  calibration  status  and  date.
Corresponding  records  are  kept  for  each  item  of  measuring  and  test  equipment  which
stipulate  the calibration frequencies and  tolerances and record the checking and calibration

Calibration equipment  identification numbers, etc. must be shown on  the  test certificates  /
Inspection reports made with the use of this equipment.

In-house  calibration  is  carried  out  in  accordance  with  written  instructions  by  trained
personnel using reference standards in a known state of calibration and traceable to national
/ international standards. Calibrations are carried out in suitable environmental conditions.

When  items  of measuring  and  test  equipment  are  calibrated  by  an  external  source,  dated
Certificates  are  supplied  containing  details  of  any  rectification  carried  out  and  the
identification of reference standard used.

Any equipment found to be defective or overdue for calibration is withdrawn from use. The
results of  the previous measurements made with  that equipment since  its  last calibration
are  assessed  by  Specialist  Engineers  and  corrective  action  is  identified when  considered
Measuring  and  test  equipment  is  handled  and  stored  in  a manner  suitable  to  preserve  its
Accuracy and fitness use.