Product  is subject  to  inspection and  tests at various stages. The frequency and performance
of inspections and tests is in accordance to the quality plans. Non conformance if any, are
handled in accordance with the procedure for control of non conforming product.
3.10.1   Receiving Inspection & Testing

All  materials  /  items  are  inspected  and  checked  on  receipt  for  conformance  with  the
requirements and condition / transportation damages.

3.10.2  In Process Inspection & Testing

Final  inspection  and  testing  is  carried  out  in  accordance  with  customer  requirements,
Quality  Plan  or  regulatory  requirements  to  complete  the  evidence  of  conformance  of  the
finished product / service to the specified requirement.

No  product  /  service  shall  be  declared  as  completed  until  all  the  specified  activities  are
satisfactorily  completed  and  the  associated  data  and  documentation  is  available  and
authorized by Project Manager.

3.10.3  Inspection and Test Records
Records  are maintained  for  all  inspections  and  tests. These  records  identify  the  inspection
authority responsible for the release of related product / service as conforming product.