3.1.1. Quality Policy
We,  at WA  Pecktel  Engineering  shall  aim  to  achieve  and  sustain  excellence  in  all  of our
activities and are committed to Total Client Satisfaction by providing Services which meet
or exceed the Client expectations.

To  satisfy  the  requirements  of  Quality  Assurance  System,  reference  manuals,  operating
procedures and work  instructions shall define  in details  the application of each element of
the Quality Assurance System.

With a view to ensure that the service is of desired quality we shall
1.  Inculcate quality  assurance at  all  stages  form procurement of materials  to  final
installation and testing.
2.  Ensure  compliance  with  the  applicable  standards/  codes  and  regulatory
3.  Attend and resolve complaints from Clients with agreed tile schedules.

The Quality Policy shall be understood, implemented and maintained by all personnel in the

3.1.2  Organization
Responsibility and Authority

The following is a summary of the responsibilities and authorities of the personnel.

Project Manager

Responsible to the Managing Director for:
1.  Execution of projects.
2.  Manpower and site facilities administration and coordination.
3.  Administration  of WA Pecktel Engineering  plants,  tools,  calculation  and  test
4.  Internal training including safety at work and quality assurance.
5.  Control and monitoring of material usage and scrap.

Company QA/QC Engineer
Responsible indirect to the Managing Director and direct the DMJV QA/QC manager for:

1.  Administration of the Quality Assurance program and of maintenance of Quality
system documentation.
2.  Ensuring that Quality Policy is understood by all personnel.
3.  Identification of quality related problems and initiation of corrective actions.
4.  Liaison with institutions in connection with quality related matters.
5.  Implementation and execution of Internal Quality Audits.
6.  Maintaining list of approved suppliers and relevant records.

7.  Undertaking  periodic  vendor  evaluation  to  ensure  all  supplies  are  approved to
quality standards.
8.  Implementing the  QA/QC documents  such QCP,  ITP, MS,  tech.  checklist, QA
/QC Log sheets, etc.
9.  Preparation of Quality system documentation and regular updates.

Site Engineer

Responsible for the Project Manager for:

1.  Execution of the defined task.
2.  Monitoring execution of the project and reporting on any malfunctioning.
3.  Implementation of quality related measures and steps.
4.  Technical guidance to Engineers and Foremen.
5.  Authorizing use of material & equipment from stores.
6.  Maintaining inspection and other relevant record.

Store Keeper

Responsible for the Project Manager for:

1.  Safe  and  efficient  warehousing  of  all  permanent  and  consumable  items  and
2.  Proper  documentation  and  records  of  all  receipt  and  issue  of  store  items  and
3.  Regular replenishing of consumables to desired quality and standards.
4.  Ensuring that unserviceable / defective items are isolated from serviceable items
and suitably identified to prevent their mixing up with serviceable items.

QC Inspector

Responsible to the QA /QC Engineer for:

1.  Ensuring control of documents and data.
2.  Monitoring  periodic  calculation  of  instruments  on  site  in  coordination  with
concerned Specialist Engineer.
3.  Site inspection for the MEP Installation & Material deliveries.
4.  Witnessing all necessary testing & commissioning

It is the responsibility of all employees to:

1.  Work within the bounds of the Company documented quality program.
2.  Bring  to  the attention of  their supervisor or  the Quality Engineer any  incidence
of non-compliance with the WA Pecktel Engineering quality program.
3.  Work  in a professional and safe manner,  reporting any dangerous equipment  to
the supervisor.

The management provides adequate facilities and trained personnel for effective functioning
of the Quality System.

Trained personnel are assigned for verification activities, whose duties include:

1.  To test and monitor incoming inspection, in process and final inspection.
2.  To audit the quality system for effectiveness.
3.  To verify  that only trained and duly authorized personnel are being deployed to
carry out the required work.
Management Representative

The QA  / QC Engineer are  the designated Management Representative. He  is  responsible
for ensuring the implementation of the quality program, the identification of quality related
problems and the initiation of corrective actions.

The Quality Engineer has  the authority  and organizational  freedom  to  resolve any and all
quality related problems. In the event of an irreconcilable difference of opinion with another
manager  and  /  or Department  this matter  is  referred  to Managing Director.  The Quality
Engineer is further responsible for keeping the Managing Director advised of the status and
adequacy of the quality program.

3.1.3   Management Review

A comprehensive formal review of the quality system is undertaken by the Project Manager
every three months in accordance with the documented procedure.

The review takes form of minutes of meeting and is attended by the personnel specified less
than 1 to 5 above.
The meeting reviews data on the performance of the quality management system to ensure
its continuing suitability and effectiveness in meeting the Quality requirements.

Responsibility  is  assigned  for  corrective  action  to  be  undertaken  where  considered
appropriate.  Minutes  of  meeting  are  circulated  to  all  present  ad  those  with  assigned
responsibility, master file is retained by The Quality Engineer.